Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey Conclusion


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going. Now we are there.



As the summer closed around us that year we had explored a couple of other ‘literary themes’. She left an indelible mark upon my heart. I helped her pack as she was she was heading north to New England.


I didn’t quite understand it at the time but think differently of it now. She told me she was going on to further her own studies. She was returning home to a place she’d never been before, she called it the Ipswich project.  I got ready to head off to New York University that fall.


I recall this event from my youth now as I believe it was instrumental in my decision to go to college and expand my horizons. I furthered my studies of literature exploring many new themes and, graduating, became an English teacher myself. But I suppose in my heart what really sparked this memory, besides having reread some Nabokov this summer, I’m looking forward to having this exceptional student Elizabeth in my American lit class this year.

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