Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey pt 7


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going. Now we are there.


The next day I arrived right on time. Miss McCaffrey greeted me at the door wearing a long black silk robe. Grabbing my hand as she opened the door she pulled me inside and kissed me deeply, wrapping her arms around me.

As she felt my erection growing in my jeans she instructed me to go to the bedroom, strip, and prepare for some tutoring. She would be along shortly as she wanted to put herself together first. There was a hint of mischief in her voice.

I went up to her bedroom as instructed. I drew the drapes closed to dim the room, stripped down, and stretched out on the fresh sheets. The anticipation was building in me. After about ten minutes of lying there imagining that lush body of my gorgeous English teacher, I heard her approaching the bedroom door.

Miss McCaffrey opened the door and strode in. She came over and stood at the foot of the bed. I was quite taken aback at the transformation she had undergone. She stood there smiling slyly.

“Don’t think me bad lover, no don’t think of me as wicked” she recited in a breathy tone. The words were familiar to me. It’s what Catherine said to David in the piece by Hemmingway

I recognized the bright blue playful eyes behind the round black glasses, and the curly black hair that spilled out from under the black Fedora she wore. Yes, it was Miss McCaffrey. She wore a navy blue suit jacket with matching waistcoat, crisp white French-cuff shirt with gold cufflinks, a red paisley tie. She had on a pair of navy suit pants tailored flatteringly to her curves. Every inch of her was transformed into a well-dressed gentleman.

She tossed her hat and let her hair down. Then she took off the jacket and joined me on the bed. As I kissed her warm lips I slowly undid her tie, then the vest. As I started working on the buttons of her shirt, I followed along, my lips kissing a trail down her neck to her chest.

I figured out that the assignment was to re-enact one of the scenes from ‘Garden of Eden’. I hope she grades on the curve!

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