Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey pt 6


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going. Now we are there.


The following Monday back at school as the last bell of the day rang and all the students were hustling their way out Miss McCaffrey called out “Jeremy, would you mind stopping by my desk I have a new assignment for you.”


“I wanted to give you the option of continuing with the Hemmingway theme, or would you prefer that I give you something more contemporary and less challenging?”


“Well, if you wouldn’t mind” I replied “I would prefer to work on the Hemingway piece again. I don’t want to duck a challenge.”


“Wonderful!” Miss McCaffrey smiled a smile of satisfaction. She seemed pleased that I wanted to maintain a higher level of performance. What I couldn’t know was that she was looking forward to a higher level of performance from herself as well.


Things at school were going smoothly through the next two weeks and I was pouring himself into the ‘themes in literature’ project. I was not looking forward to school ending for the summer next week.


The passages from Hemingway’s Garden of Eden were becoming s bit more clear for the most part. But where the passages were delving into the woman’s exploration of masculinity, I was less clear. When Friday rolled around, I waited until after the rest of the class had filed out before going up to Miss McCaffrey’s desk.


She was sitting there in a powder blue silk top, her curves so nicely highlighted. I was glad that I still had that spiral notebook to hide behind. Her smile lite me up inside and I found himself having trouble explaining that I was having some trouble explaining things. On the project that’s is.


“Don’t worry about having trouble with that particular theme. I was rather expecting that you might,” she said getting to her feet. She put her hand on my chest and said “that’s what teacher are for, to help. Come over tomorrow around noon and I’ll arrange a little tutoring”


“Yes Miss McCaffrey,” I said with a smirk “I’ll be there.” As I turned to head out she gave my ass a swat.


“Brat!” she retorted smiling “and I don’t think you’ll be needing that notebook.”




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