Erotic Proclivities 04


The library at school has always been my ‘go to’ place to get my serious writing and thinking done. There are small intimate sitting areas next to large sized windows that look out over the woods around the building. A very New England scene a full pallet of spring colors early in April. I was sitting there on a Friday afternoon working on a writing assignment when I noticed a cute blonde coed come over and sit in one if the overstuffed chairs. She was wearing a white UMass hoodie and a field hockey skirt with long white socks and track shoes. A gorgeous smile she kept flashing at me while I tried to concentrate on my assignment.

“It’s very colorful out there this year isn’t it,” she asked me, engaging in a bit of conversation.

“Yes, that’s why I enjoy coming here. I hope the plethora of color will Forster a plethora of words.”

“Only regular users of the library would use words like ‘plethora’. You must have been stuck here a long time huh?” She teased, twirling her hair with her finger.

“I occasionally venture out, foraging for food and whatnot”

“Whatnots?” She inquired raising an eyebrow.

“Of course. Necessary primitive needs. It explains this club and that man-cave” I teased back holding up my number 2 pencil and using it to point to an empty study room.

“I’ve always wanted to see a real man-cave”

“Then let’s check out my wall paintings”

As I finished closing the door to the study room she all but jumped into my arms and assaulted my mouth with her tongue. There was a fire in her eyes that I’ve only read about in cheap novels. The girl was out to devour me and I had gladly walked right into her ambush.

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