Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey pt04


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going..


“Well, Jeremy, let’s review that passage you’ve been reciting,” Miss McCaffrey said, getting to her feet.

I remained safely seated on the couch as I recounted the story of the gardener and the heroine. As I arrived at the point where he was tearing the clothes, Miss McCaffrey said “Now, Jeremy, don’t tell me. Get up and show me.”

I was still a bit unsure about our ‘metaphor lesson’. I grabbed her dress and I decided to check. “Do you mean, do it for real, Miss McCaffrey?”

“Yes, for real,” she reaffirmed with a warm smile.

Tearing the bottom buttons of her dress as she stood before me panting, her hands working their way through my hair. When I got about five or six buttons up I found that, other than that pendant around her neck, this thin sun dress was all the costume that Miss McCaffrey was going to be using to teach her lesson today.

“Keep working gardener,” she said breathlessly.

I finish with the buttons assignment and was amazed with the display before me. My teacher’s sundress fell open and I was introduced, for the first time, to a beauteous pair of firm, grapefruit, sized breasts. They were pale and topped with large pink nipples. I was openly awed. She pushed be back and I fell, sitting on the couch.

Miss McCaffrey stepped towards me straddling my legs and lowered herself down onto my lap. My arms snaked their way firmly around her, and she brought her lips down, engulfing mine and searing them with a passion that was all quite new to me. I answered her kiss with several of my own and I must have gotten a passing mark as she stood up, grabbed my arm and led me up the stairs to her bedroom the sundress flying behind her like a superhero’s cape.

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