Happy New Year! – Wednesday Serial – Miss McCaffrey pt03


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going..


I made steady progress reciting the passage Miss McCaffrey had highlighted for me. The vocabulary in the book from the shelf wasn’t all that challenging. It was a romance novel and I was coming to a scene where a dark haired woman wearing a dark blue sundress was being swept up in an embrace by a well-built gardener.

Miss McCaffrey returned from the kitchen and bending in front of me, placed a tray with a sweating pitcher of iced tea and two glasses on the coffee table. I momentarily lost my place where I was reciting the passage at the sight of her breasts nearly falling over the top of her dark blue sundress. But, I recovered quickly, and continued reciting as she walked around and sat down beside me on the couch.

I used all my focus to not watch as she slowly crossed her long legs. But I did notice that my tempo had changed a bit. I’m sure she noticed it too. As I continued reciting the bodice ripping scene, Miss McCaffrey put one arm around me and her other on my shoulder. She spoke right into my ear “have you done much gardening Jeremy?”

“Umm, no, not really, Miss McCaffrey,” I stammered once I overcame the suddenness of her touch, “But I did help my aunt with hers last year.”

She let out a light bit of laughter. “The double meaning of words is one of the projects we will be working on today. And you will be doing some gardening here Jeremy.”

She planted her lips lightly against ear, “All you need is a nice fertile place to begin…” It was then that I began to think that her gardening project might not have anything to do with plants.

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