Merry Christmas – Wednesday Serial pt 02


Miss McCaffrey – a short story about a boy and his after school lessons…c’mon we all know where THIS is going..


Miss McCaffrey lived just a couple of blocks down from my folks. My Mom had met her two years ago when she first moved in, as Mom was the realtor when Miss McCaffrey bought a house here.  I think that’s how I became pressed into service doing the fall leaves raking and gutter cleaning for the new teacher. It was during last December’s snow clearing that she offered to give me extra tutoring to improve my reading comprehension and writing skills.

She would assign me short stories, or sections of larger works and have me write my thoughts, feelings, interpretations. I really enjoyed the extra challenge, and someone caring about what I thought about anything.

She was wearing a light, cotton, dark blue, sundress with buttons running up the front. It was low cut because I could see the pendant that she always wore resting nicely in her pure white cleavage. I also found it curious that her breasts were moving a bit more freely than when we were in school.

“I’m thinking that ‘The Garden of Eden’ may be a bit advanced for you right now. Perhaps in a couple of weeks we’ll revisit it,” she said fetching a book off the top shelf of a bookcase. I thought it odd what she said as school was over in just two weeks. I watched her stretch and reach for the book.

“For now let’s try something a bit more contemporary,” she said turning around. I’m sure she caught me looking. She handed me a book with a bookmark in it and asked me to have a seat on the couch. She told me to

“Start reading the highlighted passage,” she instructed with a wry smile. “I’ll get us some iced tea.” I watched her lovely dress sway into the kitchen.

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