Creating a Sensation


Poem Alert – Open Poem


Hmmm the site of you there
With the candle’s light flickering
And your eyes sparkling
Give hint at the wonders to come

My hands move along you
As I lay there beside you
Your warmth penetrates my senses
And I move in close to kiss

As I slowly unwrap you
The candle’s light flickers
Your soft, smooth, skin
Illuminated by the light

My lips move along you
Encouraging your senses
As you lie back and enjoy
I explore your desire further

My hands start to wander
Along all your curves
Touching and feeling you
From all sorts of directions

Hands on your breasts
Hands on your hips, lips
Shoulders, nipples, thighs,
How many hands are there!

Losing sight of your senses
Your eyes gently closed
Surrender to pleasure
Sensations start overwhelming you

Drifting further towards pleasure
Your mind wanders freely
Drifting along desire’s current
Toward an ecstasy unknown!

So many hands, So many sensations
As the pleasure surrounds you
Lips approach now from nowhere
They join with the hands to explore you

Hands and lips encompass your body
Their pleasures encompass your mind
You’re drifting aimless upon waves of sensation
Towards ecstasy’s pounding shores

You feel the lips exploring your body
The hands freely feeling you curves
Over shoulders, hips, lips, neck, breasts
Feeling them all over you, all at once

You moan and sigh as you wiggle and twist
Carried on desire’s fast moving current
A warm, strong tongue joins the lips and hands
Your sense explode as you struggle

Lips and hands, and tongue become one
As they surround your writhing body
Your mind wanders frantically to escape from the pleasure
Sensations start pounding your sex

Arms hold you fast as you continue to squirm
Against pleasures assaulting your senses
Your mind carried off in lust’s embrace
As lips, hands, tongues pleasure your body

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