Candy is at the Editor’s

Yes, we are moving forward on this story… this is slated to be an opening to a large ‘revenge’ style story…

[sung to the tune of: “theme to Brady Bunch”]
its a story, of a girl named Candice, who was working in a lab with just four guy, all of them had hair of gold…

oh well so much for lyrics… here are the opening paragraphs…





Her playful lips are wrapped around a peppermint candy stick. She occasionally stops sucking and twirls her wet, pink, tongue around the sweet, sticky, shaft and lets a purring moan of contentment escape those pink, pouty, lips. Her dreamily half closed eyelids shield her deep blue, baby doll eyes while she’s lost her thoughts in sucking the sweet sticky shaft around and around as she drifts quite mindlessly now on a wave of snow white bliss. Her curly golden blonde hair now protects a once bright mind now hopelessly addled by ‘candy-canes’.  




The ‘candy-canes’ were my gift to her for our office Christmas party.  They are my custom creation gum drops dusted with a sweetened powdered version of ecstasy. A secret Santa gift to the hostile young watch dog in our lab.  Just the right prescription for getting that stick out of her ass.


We are a cozy little group of four food chemists toiling away our time and developing various food additives for our corporate overloads. Sometime during last year there was some corporate cost-cutting summit and we were assigned our own personal cost accountant watch dog. That’s when Candice, sorry, Ms. Johnson (emphasis on the ‘Ms.’) entered our happy group and turned everything gloomy. Trimming expense and curtailing our perks was her mission in life. With a cut-cut here and a cut-cut there, here a cut there a cut… well you get the picture. She even cut our Christmas party. That was a cut too far for the four of us. We then decided that we would just it ourselves and the company would suffer no cost.  She still had a problem with that, we think she has a problem with fun in general, but at least as far as the party costing too much she didn’t have a leg to stand on, and the party was on as far as we were concerned. 

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