Escaping the Household

What follows is a brief opening to a story I’m working on… a little something on the slab so to speak. Its a story of two girls taken and indoctrinated in the ways of an affluent household.

As I’m still polishing the Caitlin story, lining up an editor and working through some snags in that story’s continuity issues this ‘maids’ story is still in the developmental stage.

Lets see what it looks like while its waiting in the wings…

any feedback is appreciated


Their hearts were pounding in their chests now. Adrenalin was surging through their legs. Their race started with them slowly backing out of the room. Then hustling down the stairs, rushing across the great hall, and then out through the large french doors which opened onto the terrace. Then, once on the edge of the garden, it was a race for life and limb!

Just a couple of days ago they were two bright eyed and bushy tailed young shoppers at a Victoria’s Secret sale. Now they were running to save what precious little was left of their minds. Terri and Ashley were not yet fully incorporated into the household and as such they still had a tiny piece of the old fight or flight self-preservation, but that would soon be overcome. The two fleeing maids were more like chickens running without their heads than actual people, with any objective or target in mind for their escape. ‘Escape’ as a concrete concept was probably beyond their understanding at this point in the process they were undergoing.

The long, lean, legs were slowing now. The aerial drone near the garden was activated and it dispersed a fine mist into the path of the fleeing maids. As they encounter the mild narcotic, the contact high helped to reconnect them to their programming, and back into household control.

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