Happy Halloween Caitlin – first chapter


Well, the first chapter of the Caitlin project has been posted to short-fiction.co.uk it should take a bout a week to go through the review / approve process. Because I submitted the ‘softer’ version I think there should be no problem with the submission. I made sure to put it in the correct category so prying little eyes should not be getting their hands on such… smut lol!

Its a love story of course… a love story between a woman, a pumpkin, and a dark stormy night. What could be more ‘natural’ around Halloween.

and yeah, I KNOW I’m a little late with this one… shoot me!


 Later, she was awakened from her sleep by another sudden chill. “Damn draft in this old house” she thought to herself when she slowly came to the awareness this was more than just a draft… she was cold, and could feel the air around her. She realized with startled concern that the warm covers of her bed were not there. She sat up, startled, noticing dark shadows moving along the floor.  Suddenly a strong gust of shadows forced her flat back against the bed.

As the shadows on the floor gathered they created the form of a powerfully built man. This man, made of black shadows, solidified and stood tall and commanding over her bed. Stricken with the sudden shock she took in the sight before her, the chiseled torso, the broad chest, strong shoulders, and powerful arms; and there perched on top of this solid shade specter were the glowing almond eyes pointed brow and sinister smile of the jack-o-lantern she had carved.

She lay there in her bed immobile under some unseen force, and the penetrating gaze of the Dullichan loomed over her. She felt a brush of cool air move over her, and as her nipples hardened she became aware of her nakedness. Through this awareness she felt another sensation rising within her. A subtle sense of anticipation. It grew inside her, welling up from some dark place in her mind. It rose in her as if being drawn to the surface by the Dullichan, now with his arm outstretched over her.

He leaned over her now, bringing his hand closer to hover over her. As Caitlin lay there exposed to the specter she could feel herself warming. The hand of solid shadow came down on her taut firm belly and she felt herself quiver in response. The touch went through her like a warm wave of pleasure. The firm hands moved up her torso and came to rest on her breasts.  Then she felt the heat again, energy going from those fingers right through her chest and straight to the pleasure center. A wave of warm desire rushed into her mind filling it with a hunger for more. As Caitlin drifted, awash in the triggering of her pleasure center, she felt the hands move from caressing her breasts down her belly, reaching her abdomen, and lingering over her pubic mound. More of the magical heat radiated through her from those fingers and then they found their prey.

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